Geosoft Introduces Knowledge from Data® Sponsorship Program

Program supports community powered knowledge within exploration and the earth sciences

Geosoft has introduced a Knowledge from Data® sponsorship program that supports community education initiatives and applied technology innovation within earth exploration and the earth sciences.

“Empowering Knowledge from Data® has been integral to what Geosoft stands for since the 1980’s, and I’m delighted to see it brought to life as a program that gives back to the community,” said Tim Dobush, CEO of Geosoft. “Our software solutions help geoscientists gain insight and knowledge from geospatial data, and the sponsorship program will support community-powered knowledge development through applied research and learning.”

The program will provide support for non-profit and professional associations, educational institutions and geoscience professionals contributing to knowledge development through education and research.

Community initiatives eligible for sponsorship include online educational programs, research projects, publications, case histories, conferences, workshops, and classes. Support provided may include financial assistance, Geosoft software, training and services.

“Technology and expertise are equally critical when developing knowledge from data for earth exploration and discovery,” said Dobush. “As a software company, founded by earth scientists, that’s served the international geoscience community for 25 years - Geosoft is in a great position to support both technology innovation and education.”

Dobush concludes: “We’ve reached a cross roads where the experts are retiring, and the new generation of geoscientists, while technically savvy, requires applied knowledge to fast track its ability to meet industry demands. Through the Knowledge from Data program, we’ll partner with the community to help fill that need.”

More information on the Knowledge from Data® program, and how to submit sponsorship requests, is available at

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