Geosoft CEO presented on technology innovation at MINEX Central Asia

Tim Dobush, Geosoft CEO, spoke at this year’s MINEX Central Asia 2013 Forum and Expo in Astana, Kazakhstan. With over 500 professionals from 15 countries, the MINEX forum is recognized as the largest mining and exploration event in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

Dobush’s presentation on “Real World Exploration: Efficient and Effective Geophysical Inversions” addressed the need to integrate innovative technologies within mineral exploration workflows.

Kazakhstan is estimated to have the second largest chromium, lead, uranium and zinc reserves in the world. “There is a government program in place for accelerated industrial-innovative development of Kazakhstan,” said Dobush, “and the demand for modern exploration technologies and services to support growth of the mineral sector is greater than ever.” Program goals includes a 50% increase in replaced mineral reserves for key minerals by 2014, and the creation of a corporate bank of geological data and GIS database covering 95% of the region by 2015.

In May 2013, the Kazakhstan government lifted a four year freeze on issuing new mineral exploration licenses and licenses to develop new deposits.

“Continuing government stimulus is having a positive impact on the mineral exploration in Kazakhstan,” says Victor Ovcharuk, Director of AGT Systems and Geosoft Authorized Business Partner in Kazakhstan and Russia. “With the increased activity and creation of a new data bank, there is greater need to both reprocess old geological and geophysical information and also to support new exploration project development. This is the gap that Geosoft technologies and services are helping to fill for government as well as mining industry customers.”

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