Geosoft and the British Geophysical Association host online meeting on Aeromagnetic Interpretation

Geosoft and the British Geophysical Association will host a half-day, online meeting on Aeromagnetic Interpretation in London, Wednesday July 31 from 1:30pm to 4:30pm.

Keynote speaker, David Isles, is an exploration consultant based in Perth, Western Australia, and is co-author of a new book entitled Geological interpretations of aeromagnetic data soon to be released by the SEG and ASEG. Isles’ presentation, Geological interpretation of aeromagnetic data, will discuss how aeromagnetic data can add a vast amount of geological information to a project area. His presentation will illustrate the methodology of integrating aeromagnetics with geology using examples from gold, oil and gas, and Zn-Pb exploration areas.

Other presentations include Tellus border: Examples from a regional survey, James Hodson (GSI) and Mohammednur Desissa (GSNI); The effect of finite thickness extent on estimating depth to basement from aeromagnetic data, Ahmed Salem (Getech and the University of Leeds); and Magnetization Vector Inversion (MVI) modelling, Robert Ellis and Ash Johnson, Geosoft.

All are welcome to attend this free online meeting. Read the full agenda, and register for the Aeromagnetic Interpretation meeting.

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