Geosoft advances base of salt and subsalt imaging with VALEM

Geosoft has announced the release of VALEM (Voxel Assisted Layered Earth Modelling), a cloud-based high performance computing service for inversion modelling that advances base of salt and subsalt imaging for energy exploration.

Integrated within Geosoft’s GM-SYS 3D Modelling software program, VALEM is an improved, interactive solution for subsalt interpretation that resolves the base of salt from gravity data bound by the constraints of seismic modelling.

Complex salt structures continue to be a challenge for seismic imaging. Taking into account the significant gravity and magnetic field variations these structures produce, potential field methods have proven to be effective in determining the complex 3D geometries of salt bodies from prospect scale to basin scale.

“VALEM uses hybrid calculation techniques to do joint inversion on layers and voxels for more accurate representation of salt geometry and subsalt density distributions,” explains S. Bruce Kohrn, Energy Segment Leader with Geosoft. “With VALEM and GM-SYS 3D, energy companies can explore subsalt plays with greater confidence and refine their targeting to optimize drilling of subsalt prospects."

VALEM leverages, and extends the modelling functionality of GM-SYS 3D, and this integration is a key advantage for the community of potential field specialists already exploring with Geosoft.

“Having access to VALEM’s gravity inversion capabilities as an integral part of the GM-SYS 3D workflow makes these advanced techniques more time and cost effective,” says Kohrn. “Additionally, Geosoft’s extensive data support means potential field and seismic interpreters can collaborate to create integrated geophysical interpretations, and continue to iterate as more data is available.” The end result is a more complete understanding of the subsurface geology to guide exploration decision-making.

Powering VALEM’s high performance geo-computing algorithms is cloud inversion technology pioneered by Geosoft in 2012 with VOXI Earth Modelling, and proven within mineral exploration. VALEM leverages the cloud to speed up space-domain calculations, with minimal drain on the explorer’s personal computer systems.

VALEM is available as a software service extension for Geosoft GM-SYS 3D.

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