Geosoft 2013 software release advances 3D subsurface modelling

Geosoft has announced the availability of its 2013 Software Release, with updates for Oasis montaj, Target, GM‑SYS, VOXI Earth Modelling and Geosoft DAP server. The 2013 release includes significant advances in 3D visualization that make subsurface modelling faster and more effective for resource explorers and earth scientists.

“Within exploration, improving workflows, collaboration and our 3D understanding of subsurface structures are key themes that are both relevant today, and critical to future discovery success,” said Louis Racic, Geosoft Director, Product Management. “New capabilities and workflow improvements in the Geosoft 2013 Software Release enable explorers to collaborate more effectively and extract greater 3D insight from their multidisciplinary subsurface data.”

Workflows for geological subsurface modelling

New 3D wireframing and interpretation tools have been added to Oasis montaj and Target, with a focus on making model creation simple, fast and effective. Digitizing tools enable explorers to combine their expert knowledge with real data to draw accurate geological interpretations on section maps. An intuitive wireframing workflow makes it easy to build 3D subsurface geological models by joining 2D interpretation sections to create 3D wireframe bodies.

The new 3D wireframing and interpretation tools will be added to Geosoft’s Esri Extension, Target for ArcGIS, later this year, enabling the integration and sharing of wireframing results as 3D geosurface files across both Geosoft and Esri GIS platforms.

Advances in geophysical inversion modelling

Advances to VOXI Earth Modelling include new techniques for reducing processing time and sharpening 3D inversion results. VOXI Earth Modelling now includes automated Iterative Reweighting Inversion (IRI) which saves processing time and can be used to model sharper contacts in the inversion result, providing more refined targets. When combined with Magnetic Vector Inversion, IRI improves the geological modelling of unconstrained potential field data. 

Additionally, VOXI now supports Gravity Gradiometry data to yield a detailed 3D model of the rock density. The resulting detailed density model can be used to interpret and to target regions for potential oil, gas and mineral deposits.

New VOXI subscription options, introduced as part of this release, provide more flexible and cost effective access to proven geophysical inversion techniques for monthly exploration project work. 

Redesign of the GM-SYS 3D modelling interface

The modelling interface in GM-SYS 3D has been redesigned to be more intuitive and easier to learn. It includes simple, well-defined workflows to create and work with models, and automatic 3D visualization of models as they are built.

The new modelling interface provides strong validation of inputs and clear, in-context feedback. Building and editing models is easier, with immediate feedback of success or failure. GM-SYS 3D models are now included in Project Explorer; and the models are self-contained and portable, for ease of sharing and collaboration.

Exploration data management enhancements

With this release, Seeker (Geosoft's tool for finding and accessing data) is faster and more responsive, featuring a new simplified interface for searching and downloading data.

Geosoft DAP server technology includes support for several new data formats including: Geosoft VOXI, 3D PDF (with extents), 3DV, geostrings, geosurfaces, and GM-SYS 3D datasets. Options are now provided to make it easier to connect acQuire and DAP. A new DAP Server REST API provides an open Web interface to services hosted by DAP Server.

Release availability

Online installation of the Geosoft 2013 Software Release is available within Geosoft software and from the Downloads page within the Geosoft online support centre. Information on how to request an update DVD is available in the Geosoft Support Knowledge Base.

Visit for detailed information on what’s included in the 2013 Software Release. For general Geosoft software enquiries and local representation, please contact

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