Geosoft 2008 Software Release Delivers Productivity Gains with ESRI Integration

Release Features Built-in ESRI ArcEngine and Data Access Technology

Toronto, Ontario - Geosoft today announced the availability of its 2008 software release, which includes Oasis montaj and Target 7.0. This release marks a new generation of Geosoft earth mapping software with ESRI’s ArcEngine technology built-in.

Designed to improve the connection between the geosciences and GIS for professional earth explorers, Geosoft software now offers superior usability and integration with ESRI, the world’s leading GIS. Customers will be able to work between their Geosoft and ESRI environments with fewer steps and better results. Geosoft will begin shipping Oasis montaj and Target 7.0 the week of February 11, 2008.

"With this software release, geoscientists have greater flexibility and control in achieving the quality results they need. Our strong strategic partnership and technology integration with ESRI has enabled us to make milestone improvements in workflow and productivity - meeting our customers' requirement to share data easily between their Geosoft and ESRI application environments," says Louis Racic, Director of Product Management for Geosoft Inc.

With version 7.0, Geosoft has embedded ESRI’s ArcEngine into Oasis montaj and Target, enabling geoscientists to use ESRI tools to natively display Arc .mxd and .lyr files, without leaving the Geosoft environment. ArcGIS and Geosoft users can share their files seamlessly and spend more time collaborating in an increasingly integrated environment.

"We are excited that the solutions offered by Geosoft and ESRI are being so well received," says Geoff Wade, Natural Resource Industries Leader for ESRI. "Geosoft has done an excellent job of improving workflows and enhancing integration with ESRI software, to deliver value to the earth sciences community that we jointly service."

To make it easier for geoscientists to access more of the data available to them, Geosoft has expanded the range of internal and public data servers to include: Geosoft’s DAP, ESRI’s ArcIMS, WMS and Tile servers.  

"Geoscientists want to spend their time exploring, not spinning their wheels trying to locate and convert data," Racic says. "This data-at-your-fingertips capability allows geoscientists to spend their time interpreting, rather than spending hours seeking out and reformatting available data."

In addition, 7.0 offers various new ways to display subsurface geology, such as: fence diagrams, 3D geology voxels, and the automatic creation of 3D geological surfaces.

Together, these improvements give customers better access to data and greater confidence in making informed decisions.

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