Geophysics and Geology together for Discovery: Geosoft at ASEG-PESA

Geosoft will be exhibiting and presenting at the ASEG-PESA 2015, February 15-18 in Perth. The theme of the conference, “Geophysics and Geology together for Discovery” aligns with our strength in helping explorers integrate all of their geoscience and GIS data to maximize insight and improve discovery success.

Three ways to engage with Geosoft at the conference:

  • Join us at Geosoft booth 104/105 for scheduled presentations on 2D and 3D workflows for more effective interpretation of data, and advances in 3D geophysical inversion for mineral exploration and potential fields. See the presentation schedule
  • Register for our workshop on practical geophysical workflows for resolving common problems in minerals targeting. Workshop details
  • Attend our talk on Quasi3D inversion of airborne EM data.

On Monday, February 16, guest speaker Matt Greenwood from the Geological Survey of Queensland will be presenting at the Geosoft booth on QDEX Data - Queensland's large spatial data online delivery solution. The new online system, based on Geosoft DAP Server technology, allows individuals and companies to access Queensland’s survey data seamlessly, quickly, and free of charge.

Learn more about Geosoft at ASEG-PESA

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