China Geological Survey delegates visit Geosoft

A team of VIP delegates from the China Geological Survey (CGS) recently visited Geosoft in Toronto Canada to discuss the technology, services and innovation required to support China’s earth science research and resource exploration initiatives within the CGS.

The six member VIP delegation was  led by  Mr. Li Jinfa, the vice president of CGS, and included Mr.Han Ziyi, the director of  Research Institute of exploration geophysics and geochemistry of Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences (IGGE) , Mr. Xiong Shengqing , deputy director of China Aero Geophysical Survey and Remote Sensing Center( AGRS)  and Mr.Lu Mingjie , deputy director of the Geology Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences(CAGS).  

Mr.Li Jinfa and his VIP team met with Geosoft CEO Mr.Tim Dobush , Dr. Ash Johnson, Vice President of Geosoft and Madam Lisa Huang, the Chairman of Beiing MaiQin (Geosoft’s Authorized Business Partner in China).

Dr.Ash Johnson introduced how Geosoft partners with customers to help them meet common exploration goals through a combination of service and technology offerings. This includes corporate-wide access to Geosoft’s industry-standard Oasis montaj data processing and mapping software platform , which is now  widely used in global  earth science and research institutes covering  more than 110 countries worldwide. More geoscientists are becoming interested in Geosoft software in Grand China with the introduction of the Chinese language version, enhanced training and responsive local support. 

During the visit, the VIP team discussed the application of Oasis montaj within CGS business units such as the AGRS and IGGE.  Mr.Xiong Shengqing, the deputy director of AGRS commented on Geosoft’s state-of-art 3D inversion and 3D mapping technology, and their application in geophysical data interpretation.

Mr.Li Jinfa , the vice president of CGS, emphasized the importance of technical  training and fit-for-purpose technology during the meeting. Mr.Li recognized Geosoft’s innovation and customer-oriented service approach, and he expressed  interest in possible broader co-operation between CGS and Geosoft within the areas of training, geophysical data interpretation and related CGS research projects.

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