6 Alpha invests in Geosoft UXO software for launch of new EOD division

In recent news, 6 Alpha Associates, a specialist risk consultancy practice, with expertise in the assessment and management of unexploded ordnance (UXO), announced the launch of a dedicated explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) division. The investment in the specialist team follows increasing demand from major UK construction and infrastructure development firms for a more strategic approach to the growing challenge of managing UXO risks.

Over recent years, construction and development firms undertaking UK major infrastructure activity have faced an escalating UXO risk. This risk is not only posed by the sizeable legacy of unexploded ordnance left behind following two World Wars, as well as years of munitions dumping and extensive military training but also the fact that legal duties in general and those associated with safety in particular, have become much more demanding.

Whilst 6 Alpha has assisted the construction industry to mitigate this risk over the past decade, principally through the provision of consultancy, the business has now taken the strategic decision to invest in the specialist survey equipment required in order to deliver explosive ordnance risk management services on-site too.

6 Alpha has also invested in Geosoft Oasis montaj UXO analysis software, that will enable the firm to further refine and analyse raw survey data and provide a platform for subsequent investigative work. Critically, by differentiating UXO form other types of sub surface debris clients can save time and money.

Ultimately, the launch of the new division will enable 6 Alpha to set and drive new standards within the EOD industry, whilst building on the established benchmark previously set by its specialised risk consultancy work.

Simon Cooke, Managing Director, 6 Alpha Associates said: “Our investment in establishing an explosive ordnance disposal division, together with the series of strategic partnerships that we’ve already put in place, aims to combat bad practice and in doing so, raise industry standards and deliver better value for money. The new division and support team are operational with immediate effect and they work alongside their colleagues within our well established consultancy practice, to deliver overarching safety for construction projects.”

Founded in 2004, 6 Alpha delivers risk consultancy and project management support to the renewable energy, oil and gas and civil engineering sectors. This specialist service enables its diverse portfolio of clients to better manage and safeguard new and existing infrastructure from high explosive events in general and those posed by unexploded ordnance in particular.

Previously, 6 Alpha has been engaged to manage UXO risks for the Crossrail tunnelling project under central London – Europe's largest railway and infrastructure construction project – for which the firm was ‘highly commended’ for its work by the developer.

Read the full 6 Alpha news release.

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