3D Hybrid Gravity Inversion for Base of Salt Modelling: Potential field methods come of age

Geosoft's Gaud Pouliquen will be presenting on “3D Hybrid Gravity Inversion for Base of Salt Modelling” at the Finding Petroleum Non-Seismic Geophysics event, being held February 19 in London. 

Potential field methods have long been used to improve imaging and reduce risks in subsalt exploration, particularly in offshore and deepsea environments. To be useful, however, the inherent ambiguity of gravity and magnetic data require strict integration with 3D seismic interpretations and other constraining data, giving rise to a challenging inverse problem.

Hybrid gravity inversion is a new approach that enables joint inversion on layers and voxels for more accurate representation of salt geometry and subsalt density distributions.

The presentation will illustrate the use of hybrid inversion for solving the base of salt problem, from gravity data bound by the constraints of seismic modelling. 

Geosoft introduced hybrid inversion with its 2014 release of VALEM (Voxel Assisted Layer Enhanced Modelling). VALEM leverages, and extends, the gravity modelling functionality of Geosoft GM-SYS 3D. 

Visit the Finding Petroleum website to register for this free event.

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