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July 27, 2018
New data on the Geosoft Geoscience Data Service: Crust 1.0 global crustal model and LCS-1 lithospheric magnetic field model

July 26, 2018
Using magnetic gradient arrays for marine UXO surveys

July 25, 2018
Geosoft named as a top technology company in Branham300

July 3, 2018
Geosoft add-in enhances integration with ArcGIS Pro

March 29, 2018
Improving access to geoscience data a key theme at Indaba’s Nigeria Day

March 7, 2018
Geosoft to present at Oceanology 2018 on Advances in Marine Surveying Techniques

February 13, 2018
Students in Environmental Geophysics course get hands-on learning with Oasis montaj


December 7, 2017
Finding data ranks as top challenge for geoscience data management

December 6, 2017
Geosoft releases 9.3 software update with new 3D visualization features and enhancements

October 10, 2017
Ian MacLeod receives SEG Cecil Green Enterprise Award

September 28, 2017
Geosoft and AcornSI move UXO classification to the cloud

July 18, 2017
Geosoft announces new subscription plans for its Oasis montaj suite of geoscience software

June 16, 2017
Geosoft releases GX Developer 9.2 for Python, C#, F# and Visual Basic

June 14, 2017
Geosoft survey seeks to gauge how organizations are managing their geoscience data

June 12, 2017
Geosoft announces major release of UX-Analyze for UXO classification

June 1, 2017
MX Deposit now integrated with Geosoft Target and Oasis montaj

April 3, 2017
Public-private partnership to open geodata access for African resource development

March 31, 2017
Seeing Beyond the Seabed at Ocean Business 2017

March 16, 2017
Geosoft announces major release of UX-Analyze at SAGEEP 2017

March 6, 2017
Geosoft launches new subscription plans for Target geology software

February 27, 2017
Next generation geophysics: Geosoft showcases VOXI IP and resistivity inversion technology during the PDAC 2017

February 8, 2017
Seeing beyond the seabed: Geosoft presents Marine Geophysics Technology Showcase at Oceanology International North America

January 19, 2017
Geosoft and Minalytix partner to bring MX Deposit to the marketplace


December 19, 2016
Geosoft releases GX Developer 9.1 with support for Python and .NET

December 12, 2016
Geosoft announces technology partnership with Corescan

December 7, 2016
Geosoft introduces IP and resistivity inversion in VOXI Earth Modelling

November 30, 2016
Magnetic inversion results for Ngamiland available for download

August 2, 2016
UXO Land for Geosoft Oasis montaj now available

August 2, 2016
Geosoft releases 9.0, high performance software for multidisciplinary geoscience

April 12, 2016
Botswana Geoscience Portal goes live

February 24, 2016
Geosoft previews advances in UXO Marine

February 23, 2016
Geosoft announces new industry teams

February 8, 2016
Online portal improves access to geoscience data from Africa


October 1, 2015
Geosoft sponsors the Frank Arnott Award

September 1, 2015
Geosoft wins Silver for Company of the Year, Computer Software in 2015 Stevie Awards

August 5, 2015
Geosoft supports interactive gravity and magnetics textbook

July 8, 2015
Historical data ranks as a top challenge for exploration data management

April 20, 2015
Geosoft Latinoamerica celebrates 20 years of partnership with customers

April 8, 2015
New data on DAP: SRTM 30m for Europe and Africa

February 10, 2015
3D Hybrid Gravity Inversion for Base of Salt Modelling: Potential field methods come of age

February 9, 2015
Geophysics and Geology together for Discovery: Geosoft at ASEG-PESA

February 6, 2015
Helping you do more with your data: Geosoft at Indaba


December 10, 2014
Geosoft advances base of salt and subsalt imaging with VALEM

December 2, 2014
Geosoft software release supports multifaceted analysis of subsurface geology, geophysics and geochemistry

July 14, 2014
Geosoft previews new Voxel Assisted Layered Earth Modelling technology for imaging base of salt

May 19, 2014
New 3D features and streamlined workflows in Geosoft May 2014 Release

April 17, 2014
Geosoft How-to Guides now available in Chinese and Russian

March 28, 2014
Top 5 Inversion Best Practices: Web Series

March 27, 2014
Geosoft appoints new Energy Segment Leader

March 26, 2014
Geosoft UXO Marine update delivers new functionality and improved workflow


November 25, 2013
Highlights in the Geosoft 8.1 and 4.1 software updates

November 4, 2013
Geosoft Survey: Exploration data management a rising priority

November 1, 2013
Geosoft exhibits at CHINA MINING Conference and Exhibition 2013

September 22, 2013
Geosoft talks at the 2013 SEG International Exposition

September 10, 2013
New extended support hours in North America

August 7, 2013
Geosoft introduces UXO Marine, a software solution for underwater site investigations

July 29, 2013
Geosoft and the British Geophysical Association host online meeting on Aeromagnetic Interpretation

July 29, 2013
New tools in Geosoft Target for ArcGIS 4.0 simplify 3D model building

July 26, 2013
China Geological Survey delegates visit Geosoft

July 18, 2013
Geosoft talk in Beijing on recent advances in 3D Potential Field Inversion

July 16, 2013
Geosoft CEO presented on technology innovation at MINEX Central Asia

March 26, 2013
Geosoft 2013 software release advances 3D subsurface modelling

March 1, 2013
Geosoft presents new workflows for geological subsurface modelling at PDAC 2013

February 8, 2013
Geosoft to introduce new UXO Marine software at Ocean Business

January 28, 2013
Geosoft supports CMIC Footprints Project for modelling large ore-forming systems


November 5, 2012
Short course on Integrated Exploration at the AMA Convention

August 9, 2012
Geosoft supports first International Mining for Development course into Africa

May 3, 2012
Geosoft sponsorship supports geophysical image analysis research at the Centre for Exploration Targeting

May 2, 2012
Geosoft ranks among Canada’s top 150 technology companies

April 19, 2012
Geosoft releases VOXI Earth Modelling technology

April 18, 2012
Geosoft 2012 Software Release Now Available

April 10, 2012
Geosoft introduces Chinese language software and training services supporting exploration in China

January 19, 2012
Geosoft brings its exploration solutions to the Mineral Exploration Roundup


December 8, 2011
Webinar on 3D subsurface mapping breaks attendance records

December 7, 2011
Geosoft gains Esri Gold Tier status

May 23, 2011
Geosoft ranks among Canada’s top performing technology companies


December 20, 2010
Geosoft community giving supports critical needs

November 12, 2010
Geosoft introduces packaged solution for Geophysical Information Management

November 12, 2010
Geosoft introduces its plans for delivering 3D earth modelling solutions

November 11, 2010
Geosoft Introduces Knowledge from Data® Sponsorship Program

September 17, 2010
New Geosoft Blog Provides Tips and Ideas on Exploring with Data

September 16, 2010
Spatial Data Cataloging Added to Geosoft Exploration Software

August 25, 2010
Geosoft Adds Virtual Classroom Learning to its Roster of Software Training Services

August 5, 2010
Geosoft to present at the 21st International Geophysical Conference and Exhibition

July 30, 2010
Geosoft among participants of SBGf Forum on Non-Seismic Methods

April 17, 2010
Geosoft Named One of Canada’s Top 250 Technology Companies

April 13, 2010
Geosoft releases CET Grid Analysis software

March 25, 2010
Geosoft Named International Partner of the Year by ESRI

March 18, 2010
Geosoft 2010 Software Release Now Available


November 10, 2009
Geosoft hosts open house and client appreciation event at its new corporate headquarters

October 30, 2009
Geosoft Improves Access to Exploration Software Training

September 10, 2009
Robert Ellis Joins Geosoft Development Team

August 31, 2009
Geosoft Geochemistry for ArcGIS nominated for Mining Magazine Awards

July 23, 2009
E-Book on Aeromagnetic Surveys: Principles, Practice and Interpretation Now Available

July 8, 2009
Geosoft Mid-Year Software Release Now Available

April 22, 2009
Educational collaboration trains next generation of geoscientists in Russia

April 16, 2009
Geosoft Announces Geochemistry Extension for ESRI ArcGIS

April 8, 2009
Winners Announced for Earth Explorer Photo Contest

April 6, 2009
Geosoft Named One of the Best Workplaces in Canada

March 19, 2009
Golder and Geosoft to Collaborate on Data Management Solutions

January 29, 2009
Geosoft to resell ESRI ArcView to Junior Mining Companies in Canadian market


February 12, 2008
Geosoft focuses on providing complete software solutions for earth exploration

January 30, 2008
Geosoft 2008 Software Release Delivers Productivity Gains with ESRI Integration

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