New data on the Geosoft Geoscience Data Service: Crust 1.0 global crustal model and LCS-1 lithospheric magnetic field model

sediment thickness

Geosoft has added Crust 1.0, a global crustal model at 1x1 degrees, and LSC-1, a high-resolution global model of the lithospheric magnetic field derived from CHAMP and Swarm satellite observations, to its Geoscience Data Service, powered by DAP.

The Geoscience Data Service makes valuable, global geoscience datasets freely available, and it is easily accessed via a web interface that connects to Geosoft's Public DAP Server.

Published by the Cecil H. and Ida M. Green Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics (IGPP), the Crust 1.0 model is specified on a 1x1 degree grid and incorporates an updated version of their global sediment thickness. According to the IGPP, a more accurate crustal model was needed due to the volume of datasets and the increasing demand on resolving small-scale structures. More information on Crust 1.0 is available on the IGGP website.

LCS-1 is a global grid of the scalar magnetic field anomaly at Earth's surface (WGS84 ellipsod) on regular 0.25° x 0.25° grid in (geodetic) latitude and longitude, for spherical harmonic degrees n=14-185. This data can be useful when studying super-regional trends, and as a backdrop on which to level and combine smaller-footprint terrestrial surveys. The LCS-1 data show features similar to those exhibited by the WDMAM2 and EMM2015 lithospheric field models truncated at degree 185 in regions where they include near-surface data, and provides unprecedented detail where they do not. Visit DTU Space, National Space Institute for more information on LCS-1.

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