MX Deposit now integrated with Geosoft Target and Oasis montaj

MX Deposit Target imported rock code

Geosoft has announced new integration between Minalytix’s MX Deposit and Geosoft applications, Target and Oasis montaj, as part of its 9.2 software update.

The new connectivity enables explorers to easily import drill hole projects from MX Deposit directly into the Geosoft environment, providing easy interaction between their drill hole database, geological interpretation and 3D modelling software.

Drill hole projects from MX Deposit can be imported into the Geosoft environment with one step. When importing data from MX Deposit to Geosoft, the rock code files are created automatically, enabling geoscientists to quickly plot lithology that is consistent with the source data.

Selected drill hole in MX Deposit can be instantly viewed with a Quick Link button, enabling explorers to easily locate and correct any inaccuracies in the source database. A refresh option can be used to quickly update drill hole projects with the latest up-to-date data.

About MX Deposit

MX Deposit is cloud-based drilling and sample data management software developed by Minalytix and marketed by Geosoft. Learn more about MX Deposit.

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