VOXI Magnetization Vector Inversion applied in the Pontes e Lacerda area

VOXI Magnetization Vector Inversion (MVI) helped identify structures in the Pontes e Lacerda area of southwestern Brazil, a gold district at -12° latitude where magnetic anomalies with inverted polarity are poorly understood, in a study presented by Geosoft at SIMEXMIN 2016.

Pontes e Lacerda has been in the spotlight recently. A gold discovery attracted prospectors to the area and motivated the Geosoft team to test the effectiveness of MVI methods with airborne geophysical data provided by CPRM, Brazil’s geological survey.

Using MVI, the team was able to invert the study area in high resolution (150m x 150m x 75m), resulting in a voxel composed of 1083 x 750 x 44 cells. The model successfully identified the main geological features at surface and at depth, outlined magnetic anomalies along a shear zone, and indicated the depth of basement rocks beneath a thick Holocene cover in the western part of the study area.

Read the full story on Earth Explorer.

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