New Bomb Hunters television series spotlights search for unexploded bombs across Canada

Bomb Hunters, a new Canadian television series premiering August 27th on History Televison, exposes the dangers of unexploded bombs, known as ‘unexploded ordnance’ or UXOs, buried or submerged across Canada. It puts the spotlight on the experts tasked with finding and destroying the live bombs to make the land safe for public use. The Bomb Hunter Trailer shows Geosoft UXO software being used to map the targets and help detect the bombs.

From the suburbs of Ontario to the waters off British Columbia, there are live, buried bombs that are a serious threat to the public. But most Canadians don’t even know they exist. Bomb Hunters follows teams of ex-soldiers, combat divers and geoscientists, as they seek, find and destroy unexploded bombs left by a century of military training.

The Bomb Hunters Trailer features two crews of UXO experts, one from Quebec-based Mine/EOD and one from Gemtec in Atlantic Canada. In the trailer, a member of the Gemtec crew is seen reviewing a Geosoft UXO target map as he describes the start of a new project where they found the unexpected:

“You look around you, and would you have ever thought this area was bombed once? Probably not. We moved into this project thinking we would expect 200 targets. Nobody expected it to look like this, thousands of anomalies throughout this area.”

Watch the Bomb Hunters Trailer, and look for the season premiere on August 27th.

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