Geosoft VOXI an example of new generation 3D technology

Geosoft VOXI Earth Modelling is among the 3D technologies cited in the Engineering and Mining Journal (E&MJ) article, New Generation of 3-D Mining Software Sets the Scene. The article looks at different technologies, 3D display systems, high-performance cloud computing and robust data management tools, that are contributing to greater understanding of what lies beneath the surface in exploration and mining.

Russell A. Carter, E&MJ’s Managing Editor reports:

“... mineral explorers with a need to analyze geophysical data derived from airborne or ground-based gravity and magnetic surveys now can look to the ‘cloud’ for 3-D visualization of what lies deep under the earth, reducing the workload on in-house computers and the possible need to buy additional computing power.”

The article notes that within an “ industry stretched to its limits by manpower shortages, project development in increasingly remote locations, and a rapidly growing need to collect, organize, transfer and analyze massive amounts of data to and from distant sites, software solutions are an indispensible tool for modern mine planning, development and operation”. And it provides a few examples of what’s available, and how it’s being used.

Geosoft VOXI Earth Modelling is cited as an example of cloud technology engineered to speedily conduct complex geo-computing using powerful cloud server farms, with minimal drain on the customer’s own computer systems.

Read the full article in the Engineering and Mining Journal.

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