Geosoft MVI provides fresh insights from the Andes to the Arctic

Magnetization Vector Inversion (MVI) is gaining acceptance as an effective tool for subsurface exploration in areas where magnetization does not necessarily run parallel to the Earth’s magnetic field, a more common scenario than geoscientists have traditionally appreciated.

The global applicability of the technique for target delineation was demonstrated by Michael Webb, principal of Perth-based Blue Sky Geoscience at an ASEG Geophysical Inversion workshop. In collaboration with Rob Ellis, Principal Earth Modelling Scientist with Geosoft, he presented inversion results from magnetic surveys on three blind greenfield exploration projects operated by Anglo American in Finland, South Australia and northern Chile.

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MVI, a feature of Geosoft’s VOXI Earth Modelling platform, provided insights for target delineation on all three projects. Unlike susceptibility inversion, the technique allows for magnetization effects that are not related to induced magnetism. As a result, MVI often provides a more reliable picture of subsurface geology.

Overall, Webb found VOXI to be a flexible software service that can be used for both forward modelling as well as unconstrained and constrained inversion.


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