Geosoft featured in Digital Energy Journal report on transforming subsurface interpretation

Geosoft was featured in the Digital Energy Journal’s special report on Finding Petroleum’s “Transforming Subsurface Interpretation” conference, which looked at how to improve understanding of the subsurface with the help of technology.

Featured technologies and solutions included effective modelling strategies for using gravity data together with seismic in subsalt interpretations, and better ways to manage your gravity and magnetic data.

In the report, read how Statoil has developed a centralized system for managing its gravity and magnetic data, which both specialists and generalists can use, with Geosoft’s DAP server solution. Statoil geophysicist Christian Gram explains how it works in the article on Managing gravity and magnetic data at Statoil.

Learn how you can use gravity data together with seismic data to improve exploration effectiveness in the subsalt. Gaud Pouliquen, technical analyst with Geosoft, describes VALEM’s hybrid modelling approach for subsalt interpretation in the article on How to use gravity with seismic.

Download the full Digital Energy Journal Report to read more articles, and access videos of the talks covered in the report.

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