Cameco’s initiatives to streamline data management and improve data access were featured in the April 11 issue of Mining Journal. The exploration team has a data management strategy they believe could, in future, give them an extra day in their weekly schedule to look for mines instead of searching for and manipulating data. 

The company has efforts underway to upgrade and standardise data repositories and provide a common interface to access them. Cameco uses ESRI’s ArcServer for its GIS data, Geosoft’s DAP server for its geophysics and acQuire for geochemistry. Each repository is assigned a "subject matter specialist" responsible for ensuring QA/QC and uploading data to the server.

Through data cleansing, Geosoft’s service team was able to reduce the size of the geophysics database by 55%, from two terabytes to about 800GB.

Cameco is now working with Geosoft on a common web interface that connects the repositories on the back end so that explorers can retrieve data quickly and easily; enabling them to focus on interpretation instead of searching for data.  

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