Currents, bombs, and ROVs: Bibby HydroMap surveys British waters

When it comes to non-conventional renewable energy, the British Isles are a world leader. With the current boom in offshore wind farm projects fueled by the UK’s strong coastal winds, there is also greater demand for undersea surveys.

Wind farm planners require multiple surveys of a site, and a detailed understanding of the seabed, before construction to determine the best possible positions for turbines. This work includes investigating for unexploded ordnance (UXO).

Keeping up with this growing demand has led seabed survey companies such as Bibby HydroMap to improve workflows and innovate to deliver time and cost savings for clients.

Bibby HydroMap uses Geosoft’s Oasis montaj and UXO software to effectively process and analyze the massive volume of project data, and generate fast results to assist in on-site planning. The company’s innovative d’ROP® system, a dynamic Remotely Operated Survey Platform, was developed to increase productivity in shallow water survey and inspection applications.

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