Best targets yet to be drilled at Promesa’s Alumbre project in Peru

Promesa Limited announced that recently completed remodelling of the Alumbre magnetic data has produced a Magnetic Vector Inversion (MVI) 3D model of the project area. The model suggests there is a significant link between the surface copper, gold and molybdenum geochemistry and a very large subsurface volume of rock with a strong magnetic signature.

The Alumbre Project is a Cu-Mo-Au porphyry system located 70km southeast of Trujillo in northern Peru. The region has not been systemically explored for Cu-Mo-Au style porphyry deposits.

Promesa Director, Ananada Kathiravelu said: “There is now a substantial body of information in support of the district-scale potential of the Alumbre project. Detailed surface and subsurface geology, geochemistry, geophysics and the recent 3D modelling using the MVI process has increased confidence in our exploration model.”

Placement of further drill holes will utilise the important new information that MVI brought to the porphyry model. Drilling is set to continue in early August.

Read Promesa’s News Release for more information. Learn more about Promesa’s approach in this Earth Explorer article.


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