Geosoft releases 9.3 software update with new 3D visualization features and enhancements

93 3d animation

Geosoft has announced the release of its 9.3 software update for Oasis montaj, Target and Target for ArcGIS. The release includes new 3D visualization features and enhancements, including more voxel display options, improved 3D rendering, and the ability to create animated videos from snapshots.

Geosoft’s 9.3 release delivers an improved 3D experience, with new voxel smoothing and display options, upgraded 3D graphics performance, and the ability to create animated movies of 3D models. The voxel smoothing option uses real-time interpolation of data to display a smooth image, making it easier to interpret and understand the data by allowing you to see more detail than with raw voxel cells. New voxel caching and pyramiding algorithms with OpenGL shader technology provide better performance when displaying large voxel models. The 3D animation tool combines multiple 3D snapshots to create a video which can be saved and shared, as a WMV or MP4 movie file, with project stakeholders.

Within Target and Target for ArcGIS, new classified color options for 3D drillhole collars and traces provide a convenient way to display additional information about drillholes, such as the drillhole status, project name, zone name, or the year it was drilled. A new legend tab in the 3D Viewer enables quick and easy access to the colour legend bar and editing tools.

The release also includes updates for many Oasis montaj software extensions, with new features added to VOXI Earth Modelling, Drillhole Plotting, Induced Polarization, UXO Land, UXO Marine and UX-Analyze.

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