Geosoft to present at Oceanology 2018 on Advances in Marine Surveying Techniques

UXO classification oceanology 2018

Geosoft will be among the speakers at the Oceanology 2018 technical session on Marine Renewables: Advances in Marine Surveying Techniques, being held on March 15 from 12:45 - 14:50 in the ExCeL London convention centre, South Gallery Rooms 7 and 8.

Marine surveying is a key aspect of all offshore developments, and the session will look at recent advances in surveying techniques, including improved identification of UXO and obstructions to piling and drilling, with the potential to minimize the requirements for extensive surveying.

Presenting on Geophysical Classification of UXO for Pre-Installation Surveys in the Marine Environment, Nick Valleau, Geosoft’s Market Lead for Near Surface and Marine, will review powerful and proven geophysical technology for discriminating UXO from other, harmless pieces of metallic debris. The technology makes use of new advanced electromagnetic (EM) sensors along with sophisticated software for quality control, processing and analysis of the data.  Currently adopted by the US Army Corps of Engineers across all of its relevant projects, this UXO classification technology is expected to save millions of dollars on cleanup projects over the next few years, by reducing the need to dig up objects unnecessarily.

The presentation will discuss the challenges and latest research related to transitioning terrestrial UXO classification technology to the marine setting, given its huge potential to save on expensive clearance and diving costs in marine UXO surveys.

Learn more about the Marine Renewables: Advances in Marine Surveying Techniques technical session.

Visit Geosoft at Oceanology International 2018, stand A170, to meet the Geosoft team and see the latest advances in Geosoft software solutions for geophysics, featuring detection of buried UXO and other marine surveys.

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