Finding data ranks as top challenge for geoscience data management

geoscience data management survey

Accessibility and security are among the top challenges geoscience organizations face when managing data, according to Geosoft’s 2017 Geoscience Data Management Report. Close to half of respondents rank the inability to find and access data with one integrated search tool as the most important challenge, while data security is a close second.

The 2017 survey is an expanded version of a similar survey completed in 2015. This year’s report provides more insight into the challenges geoscience organizations face when implementing data management solutions or leveraging the cloud for data management and access.

Geosoft received 1400 responses from 1072 organizations in 115 countries. Half of the respondents work in the mineral resources sector, while the remainder represent the government, energy, near surface and education sectors. About 70% are geoscientists.

Most respondents (83%), regardless of their role or organization, ranked data management as a critical or top five issue for their organization.

For more key insights, download the full 2017 Survey Report.  

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