Is your data ready to explore?

Good decisions come from good data. The challenge? Generally, only 20-30%
of stored geoscience data is actually good, useful data.

Geosoft has worked with organizations of all sizes to define and solve data challenges. Our 3-step Data Review methodology will give you a consolidated view of your data, and identify issues preventing easy access to valuable data.

Assemble data to create a consolidated view

Data is assembled, from existing sources, and consolidated. Dataset properties are saved in an SQL Server database.

Review and analyze folder structure and data organization

Data, folder structure, and project data organization is reviewed. Duplicate data is identified, and data is classified as geospatial or non-geospatial.

Report on the results of the data review, issues and opportunities

Data organization is summarized, and a report is generated providing an accounting of data file counts, volume, quality assessment and duplicated data.

Actionable recommendations based on industry standards and best practices.

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