Top 5 Inversion Best Practices: Impactful Constraints

Whether you're new to inversion modelling, or have been doing it for years – you already understand why constraints are so important. There are many features in Oasis montaj, like wireframing and drillhole tools that can help build constraints for your inversions. There are also constraints available in VOXI Earth Modelling that you can't easily find anywhere else, like gradient reference models.

In this video, Taronish Pithawala, technical lead for geophysical modelling, discusses the most impactful constraints and how to implement them in VOXI to improve your inversion results.

Learn about:

  • The 5 most impactful constraints, and how to implement them to improve your inversion results
  • What upper and lower bounds do
  • How parameter reference and weighting models work
  • When to use gradient reference and weighting constraints

This video is Episode 3 of the Top 5 Inversion Best Practices series based on a best practices workshop hosted by Geosoft.

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