VOXI Earth Modelling Workshop


Tuesday July 30, 2013
08:00 - 16:00
Safari Hotels

Corner of Auas and Aviation Streets
Windhoek, Namibia

Join us for a hands-on VOXI Workshop where you'll have the opportunity to follow along with Technical Analyst, Andrew Long. Basic principles of inversion will be explained and demonstrated followed by introduction of VOXI including the use of constraints as well as Magnetization Vector Inversion (MVI) and Iterative Reweighting Inversion (IRI).

Who should attend

  • This workshop is intended for Geophysicists.
  • Oasis montaj and VOXI Earth Modelling experience is not required but would be beneficial.

Attendee Requirements

  • Bring a laptop computer with wifi capabilities
  • Oasis montaj 8.0 installed
  • Temporary Oasis montaj license can be provided on request.

Register for the VOXI Workshop

Only 10 spaces available. Workshop registration is complimentary. Registration includes a 7-daVOXI subscription

Please RSVP by July 18th 2013 with Nthabi Makama of the Geosoft Africa Office at nthabi.makama@geosoft.com




Registration/Set Up


Presentation 1: Introduction to Inversion with VOXI

  1. Data and models, forward modelling and inversion.
  2. Understanding how VOXI solves the inversion problem.
  3. Optimizing your inversions in VOXI: mesh design, data sampling, error assignment.
  4. Inverting residual vs. total response data in VOXI and background removal.
10:30 Break/Coffee

Presentation 2: Introduction to Inversion with VOXI

1. Forward Modelling Gravity, magnetic, and gravity gradiometer data.

2. Magnetization Vector Inversion (MVI) explained.

12:00 Lunch

Practical 1: Reinforcing Inversion with VOXI

A suite of datasets will be provided which the participants should invert with VOXI with the intent to discover the target sources.

  1. Forward model gravity
  2. Unconstrianed Bouguer inversion
14:15 Break/Coffee

Practical 2: Reinforcing Inversion with VOXI

1. Gravity gradients forward modelling

2. Gravity gradients inversion

3. Magentic vector inversion

15:45 Wrap Up: Lessons learned, workshop 2 schedule
4:00 End of Workshop


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