Join Chief Technologist Ian MacLeod for his presentation, VOXI modelling the 3D density and magnetic properties of the R. J. Smith Test Range, during the W10 Workshop at the ASEG-PESA-AIG. Register for the workshop here.


The R. J. Smith Test Range for airborne gravity systems offers a number of high-quality geophysical datasets, including ground and airborne gravity, airborne gravity gradiometry, total magnetic field, and a well-defined LIDAR elevation model. This makes up a very good reference set to evaluate different approaches to constructing a realistic Earth density and magnetic susceptibility distribution in 3D that fully explains the observations. This talk presents the Geosoft cloud-based VOXI approach, which accurately models terrain effect using the Cartesian cut-cell method, and cooperatively inverts both magnetic and gravity datasets to produce a consistent density and vector susceptibility model of the Earth. We present considerations that are important to practitioners who construct models from potential fields, including treating both the data and the model in a truly 3D space together with a thoughtful iterative approach to building a geologically realistic model.

Authors: Ian Macleod, Robert Ellis, Taronish Pithawala


A recording of the presention is available for viewing on the Australian Government site (Fast forward to 49 minutes).

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