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Transforming Subsurface Interpretation

June 10, 2015
Norwegian Petroleum Museum
Stavanger, Norway | Website


Geosoft and Statoil will be presenting at the Finding Petroleum event on ‘Transforming Subsurface Interpretation’ June 10 in Stavanger.

Integrated Insight

Technology can be a catalyst for improving exploration effectiveness – by making it easier to utilize, integrate and collaborate with available geophysical data (seismic, gravity and magnetics) to deepen understanding of complex targeting environments.

As the use of integrated techniques continues to increase, optimising the use of gravity and magnetic data to enhance seismic interpretations, and making the data more readily available to specialists and generalists alike, have become more important.


Gaud Pouliquen, Geosoft, will present on “Improving Exploration Effectiveness in the Subsalt: Hybrid Gravity Inversion”. The talk will focus on a new hybrid gravity inversion approach for integrating gravity data with seismic data to model the base of salt. It will demonstrate how hybrid gravity inversion can help to improve exploration effectiveness in the subsalt by optimising the use of existing gravity data, constrained by seismic, to reduce uncertainty and produce an improved model for exploration.

Christian Gram, Statoil, will present on “Revolutionising Gravity and Magnetic Data Management”.  The talk will look at how Statoil’s implementation of an organized system for gravity and magnetic data, based on Geosoft DAP Server technology, has helped to maximise data value by making data easier to search and find, and directly accessible by specialists and generalists.

Registration for this event is available on the Finding Petroleum website. Register to attend.

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