Visit us at SEG 2018 for the latest on Geosoft software solutions for geoscience exploration and data management.

Stop by Booth 2041

Come by our booth to discuss your technical or software questions and see how Geosoft can assist you with your upcoming projects. Some topics include:

  • Integrating grav/mag with your seismic: Rapid creation of a 2D geological model constrained by seismic, potential field data, and well logs
  • 3D geophysical modelling workflows for potential fields
  • Improving base of salt interpretation for seismic migration using gravity data
  • Gravity and magnetics data management to create access for global exploration teams

We will also be showcasing Geosoft’s latest potential field software enhancements:

  • An updated GM-SYS Profile workflow making it easier and faster to extract horizons in a suite of models
  • The ability to manage horizon names for all of your GM-SYS Profile workspace models in a new dialogue
  • Updated lateral susceptibility inversions in GM-SYS 3D
  • Draped surveys in GM-SYS 3D use GPU for calculations

Geoscience Data Management

Geosoft's software solutions for geoscience data management can improve your organization’s access to their potential field data, increasing the quality of your exploration model through integrated insight and improved collaboration. Book a meeting time to discuss our variety of data management solutions, and visit our Geoscience Data Management page.

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