Conference / Tradeshow

Roundup 2015

January 26 - 27, 2015
Vancouver Convention Centre East
Vancouver, BC | Website
Booth 225


Visit us at the Roundup 2015, for the latest on Geosoft software solutions for exploration and the earth sciences. Stop by our booth on Monday, January 26 and Tuesday, January 27 to address your technical or software questions and discuss how Geosoft can assist you with your upcoming projects.

Booth Presentations

Discover why more explorers are investing in Geosoft for their complete solution. Attend daily presentations demonstrating the capabilities of Geosoft's full suite of exploration software and solutions.

Time Location Topic
11:00 am Booth 225 Get the most out of your Geosoft data
Explorers frequently use sections to create complete subsurface interpretations by visualizing consecutive slices of geophysical or geological data. We will present a series of best practices for working easily with sections from 2D or 3D sources using Geosoft sections tools to ensure you get the most out of your Geosoft data.  
2:00 pm Booth 225 Effective interpretation of 3D inversions
The effective interpretation of 3D inversion results is iterative, requiring scientific collaboration. We understand that sharing and validating geological and geophysical assumptions used in an inversion, is as much a part of the interpretation as inferring structure or picking drill targets. We present an illustrative example featuring a series of increasingly constrained inversions and the analysis of the impact of the constraint, while emphasizing the importance of a unified earth model perspective resulting from dialogue and shared subsurface observations.

Meet the Team

Geosoft Representatives at Roundup

Contact one of our team members to arrange a meeting time with us during the show.

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