Geosoft will be hosting its annual User Group Meeting in Vancouver this year, on Tuesday January 29 during the Roundup 2013. 

Presentations will include a talk by Ian MacLeod, Chief Technologist, on technology developments that will have an impact in mineral exploration, and a preview of what's coming in the Geosoft 2013 Release.

  • Exploration technology developments to watch in 2013
    With ever-increasing computing power and advanced technology options for exploration, it's important to distinguish between the trendy and truly useful. Ian MacLeod will share his views on the technology developments that will have an impact in mineral exploration.

  • New wireframing tools for geological subsurface modelling
    New geological subsurface modelling workflows, included in the Geosoft 2013 release, will provide the ability to create 3D wireframe or geological models from 2D interpretations. Sara Deschamps will preview the wireframing tools being added to Oasis montaj, Target and Esri extensions.

  • Advances in 3D geophysical inversion modelling
    Exploration geophysicists have generated thousands of inversions using Geosoft's cloud-powered VOXI Earth Modelling technology, which has reduced the time and effort required to generate 3D models using geophysical inversion techniques. Dr. Rob Ellis will highlight advances in the next VOXI update, including support for gravity, gradiometry data and new techniques for using geological models to constrain inversions.

  • Question and Answer session

 Space is limited - please register for this event as soon as possible.

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