Find out how we can help you do more with your data at the PDAC 2016. Stop by Geosoft booth #931 to address your technical and software questions, or consult with us on your specific exploration challenges.

Explorer Speaker Series

Our team looks forward to hosting our customers, Paul Stacey, Dick West and Joel Jansen, as they present their exploration success stories. Chief Technologist, Ian MacLeod, will also be showcasing the future directions of Geosoft and an introduction to our 9.0 release.

2:30 PM
Booth 931

A new look at an old headframe - Lynn Lake Camp
Paul Stacey, President & Founder, MapIT
Corazon Mining has acquired the most prospective areas around the old Lynn Lake Mining Centre in Manitoba. A compilation of 70+ years drilling, geophysics and mining data from the Lynn Lake Mining Camp has generated an enormous amount of information. Read more

We will use Geosoft Target to see how Corazon Mining identifies and targets compelling new prospects for more detailed assessment and drilling. If the renewed exploration effort is successful, the existing data and infrastructure provides the opportunity for reduced start-up costs and the rapid progression through development to production.

4:00 PM
Booth 931 Building for the future with Geosoft 9.0
Ian MacLeod, Chief Technologist, Geosoft Inc.
An overview of future directions of Geosoft software & services with an introduction to the new advancements in version 9.0, including support for 64 bit, refreshed user interface and enhancements to Geological and Geophysical workflows.
Tuesday, 2:30 PM Booth 931

Continual Improvement: Geophysical Examples, Eagle Ni-Cu Mine, USA
Dick West, Technical Director, Exploration Technology & Group Resources, Lundin Mining Corporation
As explorationists are forced to look deeper and in more challenging geophysical environments, it becomes more important to fine-tune survey methodology so that the maximum knowledge can be extracted from the limited data sets. Read more

Two examples of this continual improvement will be discussed from the Eagle Ni-Cu Mine in Michigan, USA. The high grade Eagle Ni-Cu mine is hosted by an ultramafic Proterozoic magmatic feeder that intruded into the metasediments of the Proterozoic Baraga Basin. There is limited outcrop in the area due to a covering of glacial till and a thick portion of the Baraga Basin is very conductive and magnetic due to pyrrhotitic sediments. The till thickness varies from 0 to over 200 m and complicates the interpretation of gravity survey data. The very conductive metasediments limits the depth of penetration of conventional surface based ground EM surveys and complicates the interpretation and limits the radius of detection of borehole TEM surveys.

The interpretability of borehole TEM surveys wwas improved by significantly lowering the base frequency of the transmitter in order to allow the host response to decay enough that the very conductive, constrained massive sulfide response could be better observed. Complex borehole TEM responses with multiple off-hole type responses became more conventional in nature and the off-hole response of the Eagle mineralization could be detected.

Till thickness had previously been determined by drill hole intercepts and the resonant frequency of passive seismic noise. To extend the coverage of these values, frequency domain data from a Resolve survey was modeled using 1D inversion software over the entire exploration block. Once the till thickness was interpreted, the gravitational response of the till was computed and subtracted from the airborne and ground gravity surveys. This improved the interpretation of the gravity data.

Tuesday, 4:00 PM Booth 931 Using VOXI forward models to support geological interpretations
Joel Jansen, Lead - Geophysics, Anglo American
This presentation will show how to create lithological and petrophysical voxels from geological surfaces and then use VOXI forward modelling to augment the exploration model.

Geosoft Booth Presentations

Daily presentations demonstrate how you can generate more accurate 3D exploration models with Geosoft’s 3D geology workflows and geophysical inversion modelling techniques.

Sunday, Monday & Tuesday
11:30 AM
Booth 931 Drillhole exploration workflows in Target
Find out how you can work with drillhole data, from planning to 3D visualization, and generation of geological models. See how drillhole data can be integrated with other exploration data and how various geological interpretation workflows are applied to different stage exploration projects.
Monday & Tuesday
1:30 PM
Booth 931 Introducing 3D IP inversion with VOXI
A preview of Geosoft’s latest addition to the VOXI Earth Modelling service: inversion of conventional and spectral IP data.


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