Geosoft Talk

GEO 2014 - Overcoming Challenges with Constrained 3D Gravity and Gravity Gradient Inversion

March 11, 2014
5:35pm - 6:00pm
Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre, Room # 2
Manama, Bahrain | Website






At this presentation, Overcoming Challenges with Contrained 3D Gravity and Gravity Gradient Inversion, Geosoft's Ash Johnson, will discuss the challenges of cartesian voxel inversion in representing layers and surfaces using prism-shaped elements which rarely conform to geology. The greatest physical property boundary in any inversion is usually the topography or bathymetry. Representing this surface using rectangular prisms can lead to significant artefacts being propagated into the geological model when constraining the properties of upper layers in the inversion process. The Cartesian Cut Cell (CCC) method is a computationally efficient way to represent surfaces and significantly reduces such artefacts.

This presentation will take place during the Advances in Non Seismic Technologies session, a part of the 11th Middle East Geosciences Conference and Exhibition. 


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