Geosoft will attend the Near Surface Geophysics Group Field Day Exhibition to demonstrate the use of UX-Analyze for Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) classification, working with data from the new Geometrics MetalMapper 2x2 system.

UX-Analyze for Classification of UXO from Advanced EM Sensors

Classification is the process of analyzing data to decide whether the source of an anomaly is a hazardous target of interest (TOI), and in some cases, even deciding which specific type of munition may be present. During munition clean-up projects, most of the items excavated are harmless scrap metal (or ‘clutter’). If geophysical targets can be determined to be non-hazardous without digging, they can be left unexcavated.

For UXO projects using advanced electromagnetic (EM) geophysical data such as that from the MetalMapper and similar instruments, UX-Analyze provides a software solution for data processing, modelling and target classification.  UX-Analyze allows you to select target signatures of interest, model the data and classify the results from static (cued over known targets) or dynamic surveys. These capabilities are incorporated into a complete workflow with easy to use tools for the following main functions:

  • Prepare Data for Analysis - Import data, quality checks, apply data corrections.
  • Find Targets - Automated and manual target picking including “Informed source selection”
  • Analyze- Inversions (solvers), target libraries
  • Classify and Rank - Find targets matching signature library and find unexpected TOI, classify and rank targets for excavation or for follow-up static survey.
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