Geosoft Talk

MVI with and without geological constraint in the Araxa and Tapira region

August 5, 2015
4:35pm - 5:00pm
SulAmerica Convention Centre
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Mark your calendar for the paper presentation, Magnetization Vector Inversion with and without geological constraint in the Araxa and Tapira regions, Minas Gerais by Diego Barbosa - Technical Analyst at Geosoft Latinoamerica Ltda. The presentation will take place during the CISBGf 2015. To see the full list of Geosoft events at the show, visit our CISBGf event page.


Inversion of geophysical data has recently been incorporated into the suite of processes that are applied to geophysical data, due to the evolution of the hardware and cloud computing. Although the ambiguity of inversion applies to all geophysical data, each data type has its own challenges. For magnetic data, the biggest challenge is associated with remanence. The Magnetization Vector Inversion (MVI) solves this problem by inverting for the Magnetization Vector instead of regular susceptibility. To demonstrate this statement, we have inverted two very well-known anomalies in Minas Gerais, Brazil, the Araxá and the Tapira, which are Alkaline-Carbonatite Complexes. For the Araxá anomaly, both results matched the published information on size, depth and shape of the bodies. For Tapira, the susceptibility inversion was not able to recover the shape and depth of the body, while the MVI matched the published information. The MVI Tapira result were further refined with the introduction of a geological constraint, based on published information leading to a more focused final model as shown below.

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