Geosoft Talk

Magnetics: From the Arctic to the Andes

September 2, 2014
City West Function Centre, 45 Plaistowe Mews
West Perth, WA | Website


Geosoft will be sponsoring the ASEG One-Day Workshop: Geophysical Inversion for Mineral Explorers.

The workshop will feature the talk, Magnetics: From the Arctic to the Andes, presented by Michael Webb from Anglo American, in collaboration with Rob Ellis from Geosoft. It reviews how VOXI Earth Modelling was used to assist early exploration efforts in Chile and more advanced exploration efforts in Finland.

This presentation is one of many that will focus on geophysical inversion, leveraging case studies and future developments that demonstrate how inversion is fast becoming the new industry standard for reducing risk in mineral exploration.

ASEG Full Workshop Details

Targeting geologists and geophysicists, this one-day seminar series will focus on the application of geophysical inversion in modern mineral exploration. Presentations will cover a wide range of geophysical techniques, commodities and geological settings.

Provisional Program

  • Practical theory
  • Case studies I 
  • Case studies II 
  • Recent and future developments

Provisional Speakers

Helen Gibson, Kim Francombe, James Reid, Chris Wijns, Michael Webb, Brett Harris, Yusen Ley Cooper, Tim Chalke and many more.

Meet the Team

Contact one of our team members to arrange a meeting time with us during the workshop.

To attend these presentations, visit the ASEG WA Inversion Workshop registration page.

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