Visit with us at Indaba 2016, for the latest on Geosoft software solutions for exploration and the earth sciences. Stop by our booth to address your technical or software questions, and discuss how Geosoft can assist you with your upcoming projects.

Botswana Geoscience Portal

The Botswana Geoscience Institute (BGI) is launching a Geoscience Portal that provides free access to multi-disciplinary datasets from Ngamiland for a period of one year. The portal is intended to help Botswana attract new investment in resource exploration, improve transparency and stimulate collaboration between government, industry and the public to advance understanding of the economic and social needs of the North-West district. Partnering with the BGI and industry stakeholders, Geosoft will make the geoscientific and supporting data and information freely accessible through a web portal, and will support the portal for the duration of the pilot project.

For more information on this project visit our stand or contact one of our representatives attending the show.

Booth Presentations

Discover why more explorers are investing in Geosoft for their complete solution. Ask about our presentations demonstrating the capabilities of Geosoft's full suite of exploration software and solutions.

On-demand Stand 702 Enhanced 2D/3D workflows
See how workflows within Oasis montaj have been enhanced, putting more intuitive tools in the hands of exploration geophysicists.
On-demand Stand 702 Drillhole exploration workflows in Target
Find out how you can work with drillhole data, from planning to 3D visualizations and generation of geological models. See how drillhole data can be integrated with other exploration data and how various geological interpretation workflows are applied to different stage exploration projects.
On-demand Stand 702 Advances in 3D Geophysical Inversion Modelling
Exploration geophysicists have generated thousands of inversions using Geosoft’s cloud powered VOXI Earth Modelling technology. Learn how they have reduced the time and effort required to generate 3D models using geophysical inversion techniques.
On-demand Stand 702 Managing a Mountain of Exploration Data
From understanding key data management challenges, to conducting a review of a corporation's data, with the goal of creating a valuable data asset. In this presentation, we will examine the experience of how one company went from a "mountain of data" to delivering an Exploration Information Management solution that has a real impact for geoscientists.
On-demand Stand 702 What's new in this latest release
Geosoft has added new features and workflow enhancements for file sharing, isosurfaces, sections, vector voxels, math tools, and drillhole plotting. Updates for Oasis montaj extensions include: Airborne Quality Control, GM-SYS Profile, GM-SYS 3D, UX-Analyze Advanced, and VOXI Earth Modelling.


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