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February 15 - 18, 2015
Perth Conference and Exhibition Centre
Perth, Western Australia | Website
Booth 104/105


Visit us at the ASEG-PESA 2015, for the latest on Geosoft software solutions for exploration and the earth sciences. Stop by the Geosoft booth with your technical and/or software questions, and discuss how Geosoft can assist you with your upcoming projects.

Scheduled On-Booth Presentations

Discover why more explorers are investing in Geosoft for their complete solution. Attend daily presentations demonstrating the capabilities of Geosoft's full suite of exploration software and solutions.

10:15 am 
Monday, Feb. 16th
Booth 104/105 Enhanced 2D/3D workflows
See how workflows within Oasis montaj have been enhanced, putting more intuitive tools in the hands of exploration geophysicists. Featuring the redesigned IP system which allows you to work with and interpret your data more efficiently. 
3:15 pm
Monday, Feb. 16th
Booth 104/105 QDEX Data - Queensland's large spatial data online delivery solution
Matt Greenwood from the Geological Survey of Queensland explains the benefits of GSQ's new online data delivery solution and showcases our mutual customer's experience of consuming government geoscience data. 
10:15 am
Tuesday, Feb. 17th
Booth 104/105 Advances in 3D geophysical inversion modelling
Exploration geophysicists have generated thousands of inversion using Geosoft's cloud powered VOXI Earth Modelling technology, which has reduced the time and effort required to generate 3D models using geophysical inversion techniques. 
3:15 pm
Tuesday, Feb. 17th
Booth 104/105 New 3D geophysical modelling worklflows for potential fields
Demonstrating how to create 3D gravity models starting with velocity volume from a 3D seismic survey. Provides broader and better representation of density to create a more accurate model using Geosoft GM-SYS 3D Modelling and VALEM. 

On-Demand Presentations

Visit our booth and ask for a demonstration if you would like to learn more about these topics. 

On-Demand Booth 104/105 Manage your advanced earth mapping projects in Oasis montaj
On-Demand Booth 104/105 Exploration with drillhole data using Target
On-Demand Booth 104/105 Exploration with drillhole data using Target for ArcGIS

Meet the Team

Geosoft Representatives at the ASEG-PESA

Please contact any one of our representatives should you wish to arrange a meeting time with us during the show.

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