Conference / Tradeshow

AAPG 2014

April 6 - 9, 2014
George R. Brown Convention Center, 1001 Avenida de las Americas
Houston, Texas | Website
Booth # 920


Visit with us at the AAPG 2014, for the latest on Geosoft software solutions for exploration and the earth sciences. Stop by our booth 920 to address your technical or software questions, and discuss how Geosoft can assist you with your upcoming projects.

Geosoft Presentations

Discover why more explorers are investing in Geosoft for their complete solution. View daily presentations demonstrating the capabilities of Geosoft's full suite of exploration software and solutions.


Monday & Tuesday 
10:30 am 

Booth 920 New 3D geophysical modelling workflows for potential fields
Demonstrating how to create 3D gravity models starting with velocity volume from a 3D seismic survey. Provides broader and better representation of density to create a more accurate model using Geosoft GM-SYS 3D Modelling. 

Monday & Tuesday 
2:30 pm

Booth 920 Integrating Grav/Mag with your seismic: Rapid creation of a 2D geological model constrained by seismic, potential field data, and well logs
We will show how to build 2D geological models integrating grav/mag profiles, magnetic depth solutions, well LAS data and seismic data. Emphasis will be placed on building a starting model, from which different hypothesis can be easily tested.

Meet the Team

Geosoft Representatives at AAPG

Contact any one of our team members to arrange a meeting time with us during the show.

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