Geosoft Survey: Scaling the exploration data management challenge

Exploration Information
Management Survey 2013

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Managing data has become a critical concern in the exploration community, according to Geosoft’s 2013 Exploration Information Management Survey report. When Geosoft conducted a similar survey in 2011, only 18% of respondents identified managing exploration data a matter of “critical importance.” Now 44% of them do, with another 38% regarding it as a “top 5 issue.”

The 2013 survey was broader than the 2011 initiative. Data was collected from 415 organizations around the globe. The 693 respondents represented a cross-section of roles within resource and energy exploration companies, industry service providers, government and educational institutions. More than 60% were from the mineral resources industry, with the remainder coming from energy (11%), government (9%), educational organizations (5%), and other sectors.

The 2013 Survey report includes insight on:

  • The biggest challenges for managing exploration data
  • How organizations are managing their geological, geophysical, and other geoscientific data
  • How different data types rank relative to their importance for management/organization
  • The most important outcomes associated with better data management
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