Geosoftie since 1994

Tom Cuthbertson

Contract Administration Manager

Location: Geosoft Inc., Toronto, Canada
Studied: Geology and Geophysics
Education: Sir Sandford Fleming College


What is unique about your role at Geosoft?

Well to start with I am the only person at Geosoft that is a Contract Administration Manager. Much like my first position, I was somewhat unsure of what exactly it was when I accepted it! I am on my 6th role with Geosoft, each with wonderful experiences, learning opportunities, and great memories.

My first role at Geosoft was as a Technical Support Representative. I am showing my age a bit, but when I started, there was no email; there was phone, fax and even telex for overseas customers. We were just starting to use a Bulletin Board for our customers and then this great thing called Compuserve came out. We were also only about 15 people, but we were a pretty tight group. Everyone pitched in whatever the task. One of my favourite moments was when I was unable to resolve a customer's issue over the phone and I needed to see the data (keep in mind, no email, so no email attachments and no FTP etc.). So I asked the customer to make a copy of the disk and send it via courier so I could look at it. Sure enough the next day, the package arrived. I opened it up and there it was: a photocopy of the diskette! I spoke with the customer later that day and we got a diskette sent to us, resolved the problem and all was well. But that still remains as one of my most memorable moments. Not only for the humour involved, but we did eventually help that person. We helped them be successful that day; and that is a great feeling.

Following that role, we grew larger and I became Manager of Technical Support, then Manager, Technical Support and Testing, and then QA Manager. In my years as a Manager with these teams, Geosoft was growing. I was able to hire some awesome people and work with them. It was extremely satisfying to see them develop, progress, and move on to other areas of the company. Every day we did something to help a customer with a problem, or catch a bug before it went out to the customers. And that helped make their experience with the software better. My next role was that of Release Manager. It was my job to co-ordinate the physical release of the software to our customers. The best part about this was that I was involved with everything! Well not quite, but I did get to work with Developers, QA people, Marketing, etc., to get that version to users. It was stressful, irritating, challenging, and fun. The effort put into a release is unbelievable, and to work with all these dedicated people to get a great product out made me feel very proud.

Ok, rambled quite a bit and now back to the original question: What is unique about my role at Geosoft? Well, I would say that it would be the steps I took to get here as a Contract Administration Manager. I learned about the software and our customers; helped build a technical support team that cared; tried to make sure the best software got out to the customers, and now, I take all of that knowledge and help our Business and Finance teams to serve our customers better. Not a bad gig.

What do you think potential employees should know about Geosoft?

Geosoft is:

  • A dedicated group of people who are committed and responsible
  • A smart company that knows who it is and where it is going
  • Financially stable and smart about that too!
  • A company which values people and their needs
  • Committed to our customers

What made you choose Geosoft as a place to work?

To be frank, I was tired of field work and wanted a job where I could put in some regular hours, be home on weekends and see my family occasionally. But I knew from Day 3 (let’s be honest Day 1 would be an exaggeration for anyone) that I had been lucky to find Geosoft. I was welcomed as part of the family, but equally important I was challenged to be my best and give my best to our customers and to Geosoft.

What do you like best about the company?

I would have to say the ‘package’. This is not the compensation package, although great, it is all the things that Geosoft is: a great work environment; a collection of very talented and dedicated people; a great product you can believe in; commitment to our customers and to the employees. Just lacking a big bow, but it is a nice package to unwrap every day.

Outside of working hours, where might we find you?

Family is very important to me, so I like to spend as much time with my wife and children as I can and the newest arrival of our first grandchild – Marcus. That said, I love to travel and I love road trips. My latest little road trip took me to a family wedding in Edmonton. We came home using the scenic route: via Yellowstone, New Orleans and Memphis. Outside of that I am involved with a number of service groups in my community. Right now, my biggest focus is my time in the Masonic Lodge and in the Order of the Eastern Star. And let’s not forget that on a Saturday night in the very near future, my beloved Toronto Maple Leafs will be closing in on winning the Stanley Cup!!

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