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Monia Rech

Technical Support Lead

Location: Geosoft Latinoamerica, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Studied: Applied Geology in Petroleum and Gas, Centro Universitário Augusto Motta, UNISUAM, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Education: Graduated in Oceanography, University of Vale do Itajaí, UNIVALI, Itajai, Brazil.


What do you do at Geosoft?

I am responsible for providing our users with the technical support they need to use our software in the best way they can. In Geosoft Latinoamerica where I am currently set, I am responsible for answering questions and helping our customers with issues they may have. After almost 5 years working at Geosoft in Brazil, I had the great experience of spending 3 years in our main office in Toronto where I had the chance to be closer to our customers in North America. Now, with almost 10 years at Geosoft, I look forward to keep helping our users around the world.

What is unique about your role at Geosoft?

The challenge of my day-to-day work is what makes me passionate about my job. With the fact that I always try to provide the best support to our clients, I do believe that the knowledge I have acquired so far is something that not all companies or roles could deliver to their employees. There is nothing more unique than waiting for the next day just to be able to learn more and grow professionally, doing what you simply love to do.

What do you think potential employees should know about Geosoft?

Geosoft is a great company. A place full of energy and wonderful people. More than just a company worried about work and profit, Geosoft understands that the wellness of their employees is very important and they really care about you. It is a really open company, flexible and always ready to listen to our customers and everyone who works here. We are just like family here!

What do you enjoy most about your job at Geosoft?

Besides trying to solve customers’ issues and answer their questions, the fact that I learn from every single query they have is a very exciting way to start and finish my work every day. The challenge of this process makes my days at Geosoft not boring at all. The focus of my work is to make users happy and when I see that they are satisfied with what I have provided to them is when I achieve my happiness as well. It is fascinating to see that you are professionally growing every day, just doing your job.

What specific Geosoft project has made the biggest impact on you and why?

Although I had only 4 years at Geosoft at the time I applied to work in our office in Toronto, Geosoft believed in and accepted me to work in North America. This changed my life forever! English is not my native language and I was moving to a completely different culture. I have not enough words to thank my Geosoft family for all their help during those 3 years I spent in Canada, surrounded by a wonderful team of professionals that supported me all the time. It made me grow a lot in my career and life. I know that was an investment Geosoft made in me, just believing that I would do my best to help the company as much as I could. Back in Brazil, I could apply everything I have learned. Among uncountable things, I could mention professional and language knowledge as well as an amazing life experience that allowed me to understand that differences are part of our life and always should be respected.

Outside of working hours, where might we find you?

Any kind of adventure is welcome to my life. I love hiking, running, biking. I also do Muay Thai and eventually some uncommon activities such as climbing, parachuting and rafting. All outdoor things that we can easily do in Rio de Janeiro, especially on weekends. Other than exercise my body, I can also spend hours reading a good book or watching good TV series at home. Drinking chimarrão is one of my favorite ways to enjoy a small talk with friends and family.

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