Geosoftie since 2009

Mira Cecen

Director, Professional Services

Location: Geosoft Inc., Toronto, Canada
Studied: Engineer of Informatics, Computer Science
Education: University of Belgrade, and Advanced School of Business, Belgrade, Yugoslavia 


What do you do at Geosoft?

I lead the team of talented software developers, earth science and IT professionals. We work with customers to understand their requirements, design and deliver solutions to meet those requirements and to educate explorers on best practices. My role and day to day job is about strategy and the overall direction of Professional Services’ offerings and projects.

What is unique about your role at Geosoft?

In this role I have a great balance of:
Looking forward: defining our goals and developing plans to support business priorities.
Staying connected with daily activities: managing projects and escalations, and most importantly – working with people and helping them achieve their goals.
Looking back: reviewing current practices, success and effectiveness, with a goal to innovate, improve offerings and adjust project plans.

What made you choose Geosoft as a place to work?

Before I came to Geosoft, I worked at a company for ten years until it was acquired, after which I decided to work on a contract basis. After a few contracts in the telecommunication industry, a 6 months contract for a Global Project Manager position at Geosoft came my way. After just a few weeks into the job I knew I wanted to stay. I felt a sense of purpose, and my values were aligned with Geosoft’s relentless focus on customers, employee engagement, continuous learning, creativity and innovation. All I had to do was work hard and hope that Geosoft would want to keep me. They did ;-)

What do you enjoy most about your job at Geosoft?

I love the ability to quickly implement changes and continually improve. Professional Services’ projects are relatively small, and the team is tight, supportive and focused on delivering value to our customers. In such an environment, it’s easy to be passionate about the work and inspired by the impact we make.

Why do you enjoy working at Geosoft?

The joy of working at Geosoft starts with the sense of purpose - my individual commitment is part of the team effort. Fundamental values of trust, transparency and freedom (to ask, to try, to fail) are aligned with my personal values – that relaxes me.  My colleagues are my friends; they inspire and motivate me in many different ways.

Outside of working hours, where might we find you?

I like to play bridge, make clothes, bike, hike and never have enough time to read.

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