Geosoftie since 2006

Krystle Dobson

Strategic Account Executive

Location: Geosoft Australia, Subiaco, Western Australia 
Studied: Surveying, Cartography, Business Administration
Education: Bachelor of Surveying, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Queensland, Bachelor of Science (Cartography), Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Western Australia, Masters of Business Administration, Curtin Business School, Perth, Western Australia.


What do you do at Geosoft?

Account/Relationship management and business development, enterprise solutions.

What is unique about your role at Geosoft?

I am currently working part-time as my children are young. I work some evenings as well which I believe works well for Geosoft, global customers and my own family demands.

What do you think potential employees should know about Geosoft?

The culture of the company has a ‘family’ feel to it.  Being employee owned, we are all heavily vested in the success and longevity of the organisation.  Geosoft encourages work/life balance, and has many senior employees with significant tenure and experience.  At any level of the organisation, innovation and collaboration are encouraged. 

What made you choose Geosoft as a place to work?

Geosoft takes pride in its ability to address global customer concerns with a well-coordinated and informed global team.

What do you like best about the company?

I love working for Geosoft mostly because in any corner of the globe your colleagues always have their door open and are happy to help.  It is very clear that we are all working together towards common goals.  Our customers are often very impressed at how we are able to communicate internally, and we are often informing them of what is going on in their other offices, before they find out themselves. 

Outside of working hours, where might we find you?

What is outside of working hours?... hehe.  Outside, enjoying the Perth weather with my family.

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