Geosoftie since 2010

Hasan Saiyid

Manager, Build and Automation

Location: Geosoft Inc., Toronto, Canada
Studied: BA Economics, Hons. BSc Computer Science with Software Engineering Specialization, Hons. BA English Literature, MA English Literature
Education: University of Western Ontario


What is unique about your role at Geosoft?

My role allows me to have a sweeping view of Geosoft's release process.  I manage developers' work environments, builds, and the automation framework, and all three of these areas are critical to the release process. My role is an intersection point for various departments.  Technical Product Managers, Marketing, Developers and Quality Assurance Specialists all have a stake in the health of our builds and/or our automated tests. I enjoy my position because it allows me to build relationships across the company.

What do you think potential employees should know about Geosoft?

Geosoft fosters learning: you will be given opportunities to grow in your area of interest and beyond. There is also an edifying openness to new ideas, a flexibility that allows us to adapt to our customers’ needs easily. So, unsurprisingly, Geosoft always values people - both employees and customers - over processes.

What made you choose Geosoft as a place to work?

I did not choose Geosoft; Geosoft chose me. I don’t say that immodestly because that is exactly what happened. Geosoft’s HR team found my resume online and reached out to me. HR told me about the company culture, which immediately seemed consistent with my idea of a good company in which to work.

How does Geosoft compare to other employers you have had?

Geosoft has an incomparable commitment to the people it employs. What I consider rare in this company is how everyone, and not just your manager, sincerely cares about your progress. As I mentioned previously, this focus on people informs how the company deals with its employees and customers.

Outside of working hours, where might we find you?

I have many interests (history, philosophy, politics), but none greater than literature. I enjoy reading and writing fiction and non-fiction in my spare time. In sharp contrast, and, in some ways, as a complement to my Computer Science background, I have a MA in English Literature. I am also a delirious Italian football fan. The delirium is perpetual. My love for football is more a pathology really. I watch Italian football every week, and I also write about it. Milan and Italy (Azzurri) have been my favourite teams since the age of eleven. Working out, watching movies, and, lastly and perhaps most importantly, spending time with loved ones are essential for me.

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