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Bartira Carvalho

Account Executive

Location: Geosoft Latinoamerica, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Studied: Biology, Geology – Analysis of Sedimentary Basin, Isotopic Geochemistry, various courses on Information Technology, Sales and Negotiation.
Education: Undergraduate, Biology and Specialization Degree in Geology, both at the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


What do you do at Geosoft?

Currently, I am an Account Executive at Geosoft, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In this position, I am responsible for developing relationships with the Mining and Consulting/Contractor sectors of Latin American companies, working to provide value-added solutions for these customers.  In my 13 years at Geosoft this is my third position. The first one was as a Technical Support Representative where I worked for 6 years helping our users with our software, and also providing some basic training.  After that, I worked for 3 years as a Solutions Analyst responsible for the implementation and support of DAP servers, data systems, and managing Exploration information for many of our clients.

What is unique about your role at Geosoft?

The fact that I have worked for so many years on the technical side of our business, and currently have an opportunity to work on the sales side is a unique thing. Besides the fact that I learn something new every day, that I have worked in these different positions has allowed me to grow a lot in the same company during these 13 years. I believe that, with the knowledge I acquired during this time, I can better understand an explorer’s needs and help them in the best way possible. More than a sales person, I have the opportunity to work as an analyst and an advisor.  I learn about our customers’ needs, and deliver solutions that help to solve the problems and challenges of exploration professionals. That makes me feel like an important part of the work of the customers I help, and not just a supplier of software.

What do you think potential employees should know about Geosoft?

What delights me the most at Geosoft, and that's the best word, is the work environment. What is remarkable about this company and all who join it is the desire and determination to make things right, the best way possible. In any workplace things can get pretty tense, but because of the great working environment at Geosoft it ends up being much easier to carry on. And I think that's the most important thing to know if you are thinking of being part of the team. Also, Geosoft is a company that, despite the challenges of any normal workplace, knows the value of a human being, respects cultural diversity as well as the balance between work and personal life. These are the factors that have made me stay here for so long.

What do you enjoy most about your job at Geosoft?

Although my background is in biology, I am passionate about the Earth Sciences. Working at Geosoft, besides being paid to do something I like, I have the opportunity to learn more about the work of several exploration companies around the world, to meet geologists working in the field, and learn a little bit about their day-to-day research experiences. I have the opportunity to learn more about the geology of different places of the world, and to learn about the technological advances in these areas. Every day I have the opportunity to learn, whether in Geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry, processing, data management, communication, or the marketplace.

What do you find most challenging about your position, and how do you tackle that challenge?

The biggest challenge in my current job is to deal with different cultures and the need to communicate in different languages and with different countries. Being responsible for serving the mining and consulting/contractor companies in Latin America, I deal daily with different people from Latin countries, and at the same time I create a bridge with our main office in North America. Being Brazilian, I have Portuguese as my first language.  Translating to a language where the way to think is totally different, where the needs of our customers are varied, as well as their processes and how to resolve things, requires me to work hard on my communication skills. To be able to overcome this challenge, I have to train daily in my capacity to listen, to understand, and to review my understanding in order to explain to others the needs of a customer, and especially, to be creative.

Outside of working hours, where might we find you?

What I like the most is, without a doubt, to enjoy my home and my family. Simple day-to-day tasks please me, such as taking care of the people around me, my daughter and my cats. Besides being at home, my favorite places are outdoor places. I’m lucky to be living in Rio de Janeiro, a city where the weather is, for the most part, perfect for walks in the sunshine. After work and on weekends I like to walk on the beach and in parks around the city, or being with my friends and family in places where we can enjoy good Brazilian music. Travel, and to see natural places and different cultures from what we see here in Brazil, is another of my passions. And last, but not least, because it has to do with my lifestyle, I am an activist in the movement for the Humanization of Birth, which aims, especially here in Brazil, for women's empowerment in their lives, particularly in support of natural childbirth practices. I sincerely believe that a change of attitude in this area here in my country will help to create a better society!

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