Live at Geosoft

Culture and Values

Geosoft was born out of collaboration – a shared idea between two Canadian earth scientists who wanted to create effective software solutions for geophysicists and geologists.

That founding concept of innovation through collaboration still exists today, and has resulted in a culture where ideas are encouraged, shared and seen to fruition; where our people have the flexibility they need to truly balance work and life, and where employee contributions have a real and lasting impact.

Our team members are software gurus and snowboarders, IT wizards and avid cyclists, creative marketers and musicians, financial experts and film-makers. We value them for their passion and commitment to our customers, as well as their unique achievements outside the office.

Geosoft Values

Geosoft values reflect what’s important to us, and what makes us a great place to work. They are:

  • Respect and the need for contribution from everyone.
  • Global reach that makes many cultures and environments accessible to us and enriches our working lives.
  • Financial security that comes from a disciplined approach to finance.
  • Customers that value what we do for them whether it is the software, services, or simply the relationships we maintain.
  • Freedom and flexibility at work that allows us to innovate and stretch our limits.
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