Explore your potential with Geosoft

At Geosoft, we know that the future is coming fast – and we're ready for it.  Whatever your career goals may be, Geosoft offers you the opportunity to work with advanced technologies, global customers, and some of the most talented minds in the earth exploration and technology industries. Your path with us can encompass diverse, challenging assignments that span product and service lines, job types and countries.

Each year, we develop individual Professional Paths for succession which are linked to development plans to make sure that our people are ready to step up when the next opportunity arises.  All new roles at Geosoft are posted internally before we begin external recruitment, which has led to over twenty long-term international assignments over the last ten years. 

We bring our friends in our global offices to Toronto on a regular basis so that everyone has the opportunity to spend time brainstorming and sharing experiences and skill sets.  Throughout the year, we’re attending international conferences, working on degrees, learning new languages, honing our business and software skills and cross-training on partner products. We keep up the training momentum even over lunch with our "Bag A Geo" program - lunchtime brown bag sessions where any employee can share their expertise on a subject or current project.

We strive to keep the lines of communication open across all levels at Geosoft through a number of initiatives – a strong Open Door policy, quarterly Town Hall meetings which are led by our CEO, Tim Dobush and videotaped for the benefit of all employees, an annual external employee engagement survey now in its ninth year, a formal performance evaluation process and regular team meetings and lunches… even our daily coffee runs and cookie times provide a great chance to share ideas with members of other teams.

And speaking of ideas, an ongoing initiative at Geosoft is an increased focus on innovation – we regard innovation as a core component to our growth strategy. We encourage new ideas from everyone at all levels through our IdeaBank. 



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