Geosoft Sponsorship Program

Geosoft is proud to support community knowledge development and applied technology innovation through our Knowledge from Data® program.

Knowledge from Data Program

The Knowledge from Data®  sponsorship program provides support to individuals and groups, contributing to knowledge development within earth exploration and the earth sciences through education and research. Support may include financial assistance, software, training and other services.


In addition to offering a clear benefit statement for the educational initiative, whether research project, event or activity, the individual and/or group must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for Geosoft sponsorship:

  • Support Geosoft areas of focus: knowledge development and applied technology innovation within the mineral and energy exploration industries and/or the earth sciences
  • Serve one or more of Geosoft’s regional communities within Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America or South America
  • Provide Geosoft with the opportunity to publicize the sponsorship investment through news announcements, website/s and other communications
  • Provide Geosoft with the ability to publish any resulting knowledge products, whether presentation, paper or other on our website/s
  • Provide appropriate acknowledgement of Geosoft sponsorship and/or support

Types of events/projects considered for sponsorship

Types of projects Geosoft will consider for sponsorship include:

  • Web-based Educational Initiatives
  • Educational Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Presentations
  • Research and Applied Case History Projects

Type of assistance available

In general, the Geosoft Knowledge from Data® Program provides financial support ranging from $150 to $1,500 for approved initiatives. Geosoft may also provide software, training and other services based on project requirements.

Sponsorship Requests

Sponsorship requests may be emailed to In your email, please provide a clear benefit statement for the educational initiative and contact information. 

We will confirm the receipt of your request by email. If possible, we will also indicate when you can expect a decision. Applications are reviewed by Geosoft Corporate Communications and Regional Geosoft Directors upon receipt and a final response can be expected within two to four weeks of the receipt of the request.

Please note that Geosoft receives many sponsorship requests each year and funds are limited. While we do our best to meet the needs of the communities we serve, it is not possible to fulfill all requests.


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